Dance Bag Essentials

Dance Shoes! (Of Course)

Obviously you will need your dance shoes for a dance class! We recommend to pack all your shoes (of every style) just in case you need to practice for one of your other classes or any timetable changes. This way you’re always prepared!

Hair Items!

It’s always handy to have spare hair ties, pins, etc. So we suggest always to pack extra! There is usually someone that forgets theirs so you can always be a great team mate and help them out.

Spare Tights!

It’s always good to have a backup in case you rip your tights or if you accidentally spill something on them. You never know when you may need a second pair.

Water Bottle!

It’s so important to stay hydrated throughout class so we can keep on dancing and having fun!

A Small Towel!

Another handy item to have (even if you don’t end up using it). Great to have if you have a really hard hitting class like stretch and strengthen or a hip hop class!

Remember To Label All Your Belongings So You Don’t Lose Them!