Find Out More About Our Pre-school Dance Programs For 2-5 Year Olds Below:

What Is Ready Set Dance?

Created specifically for preschoolers, Ready Set Dance is ideal for little ones, whether they want to twirl on their toes or bust some moves!

Each class is a one-hour combination of jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, and music, with a focus on FUN!

Boys and girls are welcome – book your free trial class today!

What Is Ready Set Ballet?

Catch a snowflake, twirl a ribbon and make-believe you are a mermaid while learning the basics of ballet.

Children enter the world of classical ballet and learn the positions of the feet as well as many other fundamental technical requirements.

Designed for 2 – 5 year olds, READY SET BALLET develops fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, strength, and flexibility in an enjoyable environment.

Enroll in this class exclusively or in addition to READY SET DANCE.

Ready Set Acro

READY SET ACRO is a collaborative acrobatic program developed with Industry Leader Acrobatic Arts, specifically designed for preschoolers. It emphasises safe and effective progressions to foster the physical and social skills needed for healthy early childhood development.

The program is developed with original music with lyric cues and focuses on three key components: Stretch, Strength, and Skills.

STRETCH: Enhance flexibility and expand the range of motion in all major muscle groups.

STRENGTH: Young learners engage in a variety of exercises designed to promote physical strength and control.

SKILLS: Preschoolers develop social literacy and build confidence while exploring a wide range of AcroDance movements.